Algeria Artist Gallery Mailer

A mailer inviting you to a gallery honoring Algerian cartoonist Khalil Bendib.

           Khalil Bendib, Born during the Algerian revolution in Paris, France. Known widely for his hard hitting political cartoons yet also a sculptor. Bendib stayed in France until he was 3, he then lived 3 years in Morocco before being able to safely return to Algeria. Bendib received his bachelor degree in Algiers, Algeria before headed to California at the age of 20. Heearned his masters degree at the University of Southern California in 1982. Bendib worked for the Gannet Newspaper based out of San Bernardino county, California for 8 years. In 1995 Bendib resigned from his position at the paper. Bendib now shows his work mostly through various media outlets on the web. In 2007 Bendib had his first book published, Accomplished: Wicked Cartoons by Americas Most Wanted Political Cartoonist. His cartoons have now been seen by over 1,700 newspapers and he continues to entertain the public with his confrontational yet sometimes overly accurate cartoons.
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